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The Gong
The gong is ancient.  No one is quite sure when they were first made.  It is believed to have originated in southeast Asia, but no one can say for certain.  What we do know is that the gong is powerful, and is capable of a wide range of tones and harmonics.  The gong is unique in that a person can begin to play with 5 minutes of training --- but it is subtle enough that one can spend a lifetime and still not fully master it.  The gong vibrations "bathe" us and affects and tunes us on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  A common analogy would be that if our beings were comprised of a symphony of many different instruments, some may be "out of tune" -- the gongs are the tuning medium and can re-tune those parts of us that need it.  It is an agent of harmony, and our human minds (especially the rational, analytical left brain) are often powerless against a well-played gong and have no choice but to surrender after a short time.  The gong gives us a chance to let our right brains (intuitive, creative, abstract) come into the foreground for a while. 
The Ancient Practice of Sound Healing
The ancients from the Egyptians, Greeks, yogis in India, Mongolian shamans, and others have long known and practiced the healing properties of sound.   Resonance, sound, and harmonious vibrations are an essential vehicle for every major religious system in the world.  Whether its singing hymns, Sanskrit chants, rights of passage, drums, horns, or calls to the ancestors -- sound has long been a tool for altering consciousness and bestowing a sense of emotional well-being.  It has recently been discovered through sciences like quantum physics and cymatics that harmonious sounds/vibrations can affect us on a cellular level.  Now, in this day and age, we are re-discovering the old wisdom of sound healing and science is beginning to confirm what the ancient mystics have known and practiced for centuries.
How it Works
We are made of energy.  This energy vibrates at different frequencies.  Everything is vibrating all the time.  It is interesting to understand that matter is mostly made up of space -- including us!  Just as there are few planets and stars in the sky, so there is space between the electrons, neutrons, and protons within the atoms that compose matter.  The gongs help us reclaim our space (literally and metaphorically).  They teach us what it is to be receptive.  To allow.  When we do this we naturally come into alighment with our Highest Self.
As human beings we are also vibrating energy forms. Our bodies consist of around 70% water, which is an excellent conductor for sound. When bathed in sound, different areas of the body respond to the sounds made, by locking in or "entraining" to the sound and beginning to vibrate at the same frequencies, thus bringing harmony and healing. Every part of the body has its own resonant frequency. If there is an obstructed, or unbalanced energy, the vast array of sounds made by the gongs will stimulate the body cells to vibrate in sympathy and literally tune them up. Sound also works on the subtle energy body that surrounds the physical body, which is where imbalance and dis-ease manifest first, before appearing in the physical dimension. Using the gongs, we can help to clear energy blockages and thus prevent illness and disease before it reaches 3D reality.

The Gong Space --- The Sacred Sound Sanctuary
The Sacred Sound Sanctuary is a very powerful therapeutic space - still, peaceful, full of possibilities, symmetry, and grace... The gongs share their healing vibrations wherever they are. Any physical place where the gongs are raised and used becomes a sacred space. The gongs themselves make it so.  Gongs have a presence all their own which can be felt by those who are sensitive; this is true even if they are not actively resonating!
To be alive on Earth now when humanity as a whole is in the process of a great transformation is a special honor indeed.  The gongs are amazing catalysts for this shift; for ourselves, and others. Conciously raising the vibration!
The Effects of the Gong Sound
The gongs spread their vibrations both here on the physical plane, and also in other finer dimensions, where their higher and lower sounds are beyond our human hearing. The gongs work on all aspects of our being:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The rich layers of sound which emanate from the well-played gong affect every part of us, including the non-physical subtle energy bodies of the human auric field which are layered around the physical body that we can see in 3D. It is said that dis-ease begins in the subtle energy body, and only migrates to the physical after some time. Therefore, if we can remove blockages, imbalances and stagnant energy in the energy body before it manifests in the physical, we can prevent illness and keep ourselves healthy, as well as re-tuning and harmonizing every part of our physical being. On the emotional level, the gong sounds have a clearing effect and help to shift old patterns and bring up and clear out old emotional issues and trauma, so that we can move on. Mentally, the gong sounds help to move our focus from the logical left brain into the creative right side of the brain, where we connect with our intuitive power and receive guidance from that central source. 
The Power of Intention
Matthew's intention when playing the gongs is that the sounds which come forth are always for the Highest good of all who are present.  
At the beginning of a session, participants are asked to contemplate their intentions; and then they are offered the opportunity to write them down on paper.  The intentions may be shared in whole or in part, and then the paper is placed into a copper bowl with some sage where it will be burned ceremoniously to symbolize the transformation.   Then a prayer is offered (and then the goal is to be a conduit, get ego out of the way) and let the gongs play through him. 
When played with appropriate intention & sensitivity, the gong vibrations are potent vehicles for healing on all levels, stress relief, transformation, relaxation, meditation, profound enjoyment, and spiritual growth. 

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