Vegas Gong Yogi
"I was met with open arms by a vibration that encouraged me to elevate. The balanced environment supported the healing and growth that took place for me. 
I feel blessed and excited for myself and all others that have the opportunity to experience such sound therapy. Truly a beautiful experience.  It was pure love.  
Sat nam, Matthew."  ~ Hollie Fillmore

"I have experienced a 2 group gong meditations with Matthew and had very unique meditative visions. A few days ago, I had a private session in Matthew's sacred chambers and am forever changed. The vibrational energy Matthew created was so intuitive, so precise, I felt completely safe to go deeper within my subconscious than I ever have in my entire life. I met the best & worst aspects of my true self and EMBRACED them all. I've never experienced anything like this and I am so grateful.  Whatever your intention for your session, Matthew will provide the space, expertise and opportunity for you to do it. SO DO IT!!!!  Thank you so much, Matthew"   ~ Keriann Parkes

"We had an amazing experience with Matthew. His gong bath was not only healing but one of the most powerful, and transformative spiritual experiences I've had, and there have been a good handful. Matthew was very intuitive and took the time to go through all the different gongs he has carefully collected over the years. He warmed us up into the experience gracefully and with an open heart. The space is absolutely beautiful, every color and detail flows to create a perfect 'launching and landing pad' for the bath. If you have a hunch to try a gong bath, or feel you need to experience something so spiritually powerful; go for it, you will not be disappointed. I had originally attended the gong baths by Matthew at Unity Church and they were awesome. Experiencing the gong baths at his sacred space, it's out of this world, literally."    ~ Alma Grey

"I am in deep gratitude to Matthew Conners for facilitating a recent sonic/vibrational journey for my precious wife Norma and me. Matthew has created a sacred space in which to assemble all the elements of an experience that is so vivid and unique that it's effects are felt at every level of one's being. He was so kind and understanding, really helping us to fully relax and open ourselves to the session. Make no mistake, this is a powerful transmission with deeply felt effects that defy description. I never would have suspected that these instruments could shift things around within my being as they did. I felt very privileged to have had the chance to experience something as rare as this and I plan to arrange for another "journey" soon!'    ~ Bob Gratrix

"I went to Matthews studio and the energy was incredible. He took me on a journey with his amazing gongs among other numerous sound devices from chimes to his beautiful pan.  Lying in a state between conscious and unconscious --- the energy and sound took me to places . Treat yourself to a unique and compassionate experience with Matthew"
~ Scott William Schmidt, Meditation and Reiki Teacher
"I just recently attended a Vegas Gong Yogi event and it was truely a magical experience. Lots of movement.  Matthew Conners is a gifted healer and it is felt instantly when you walk into the space."   ~ Goldy Ivashkov
"Matthew is a gifted musician with a deep understanding of mystical states. His gong experiences are like no other. He is the Gong Whisperer, and manages to get them to speak in ways that I never thought possible."    ~ Jay Atwood
"WOW, what an experience! After my gong bath I felt like I was walking on clouds. Matthew and his beautiful planetary gongs helped me realize new parts of myself, and reminded me of other parts that need not be forgotten. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested, as it was truly life changing for me."  ~ Canon Price

"I had a double session...  Was sublime...  Great, relaxing, empowering experience!"
 ~ Rose Mary Pichardo

"It just works for me.  I love love the gongs!  Ohmazzzing!  I always feel refreshed and renewed after every session!"  
~ Joei Belovin

"It's like a dream come true!"  ~ Valentina 

"This is for everyone. Yes you, and you. and you!  Vibrations.  Time travel.  Past & present lifetimes flash before you.  Your heart may skip a beat but hey, that's when you know you are alive! Bbreathtaking. Ohmazing.  Enlightening journey.  Never have you experienced this.  Better than any ride!  Much love Matthew Conners for this grandiose experience!🙏Namaste."   ~ Beckie Demos

"Clarity of intentions, a quiet energy and higher consciousness...  You have to feel it."
    ~  Tina Kohl
"I had an amazing experience with some HEAVY DUTY activation of upper chakras. So wonderful I had to get my sister a session too. Amazing! Thank you!"  ~ Kim Galliher

"My sound healing session with Matthew was absolutely beautiful! He really created a sacred space for me to relax, let go and receive the healing benefits of the gongs, which I most definitely did! During the session I could feel various waves in my body releasing stuck energies and I received tons of clarity, energy, focus and new ideas over the course of a several days after the session. There were areas that in my life that seemed to be a bit stagnant and the answers I needed to move forward came through with renewed clarity and productivity. Thank you Matthew! If you’re thinking about receiving a sound healing session, do it! I’ll definitely be back for more!"  ~ Christina Ambubuyog

"Matthew, the Sound Yogi, is a dedicated mystic, musician, and soul guide. In my session he took me from calm ground to floating on the top of a geyser of sound, and then to a number of mystical locations along the sound wave river. The session was invigorating, relaxing, and enlightening. I highly recommend you make this something you do this month and at least quarterly. Thank you Matthew."    ~  Paul Kaspar

"His music is beyond beautiful..."    ~ Lena-Jo Marin

"Matthew Conners has an amazing gift. He is a pioneer in the emerging field of sound therapy ~ a nurturing healer, with amazing intuitive abilities. His work will transport you to a state of relaxed awareness. As I approached Matthew’s home, I was greeted by the faint scent of incense that he had burned, anticipating my arrival. I immediately felt at ease and in a "safe" space. I was engaged from the initial discussion as he eloquently described what to expect during my session. Matthew is brilliant ~ with a wealth of knowledge about sound and how it effects the human body. He answered all of my questions, and left me curious to learn more. He is also a great listener ~ he asked questions that encouraged me to reflect on my intention for coming. I was given some time to write my intention on a few small pieces of paper, which we ceremoniously turned to ash before we began. The sound experience itself was powerful and profoundly energetic. There were many instruments in the room including planetary gongs, conch shells, chimes, a hand pan, frame drum and a Wu Xing gong that was swung over my body. We had established a sense of trust that allowed me to open, receive and let the healing process begin. He is in tune, quite literally, with what your body, mind and spirit needs. In the moment it brought emotional release and sparked a renewed sense of clarity. I felt relaxed, refreshed and nurtured. Just one session helped me to clear and heal things that were obstructing me from reaching my greater potential ~ thus freeing me to give more to life and to others around me. What the world needs now is HEALING ~ one person at a time. A session with Matthew will ensure that you will receive a long lasting healing benefit, in addition to a time for relaxation."  ~ Eva Ambika Livingston
"An amazing journey on a river of sound to the outer reaches of inner space. Thank you, Matthew for a rare and precious gift!"  ~ Julia Winkler
"My partner ( Mantra Cora) and I were fortunate to have our friends Joshua and Deborah introduce us to Matthew and his Sacred Sound Sanctuary. Matthew is a true master at creating a healing experience through the magic of his gongs. Each event and experience he creates is spontaneous, highly intuitive and unique and the effect is pure bliss. He is a gifted artist and shares his heart through the various sound vibrations that come through his playing of these amazing gongs! He is masterful at creating a symphony of sound. The musical tapestry he weaves is truly inspired and highly developed as an orchestra of one, washing our mind clean, renewing the soul and wrapping us in rapture. From the first note that resonated through me to the low, building rhythms of the gongs, Matthew's love and knowledge of both his instruments and clients is made clear. Through his playing, and sharing the healing spirit of the gongs, I was transported to a deeply peaceful and healing place...where my inner vision knew no boundaries and my heart opened without end, a place I hope to return to again through his beautiful offerings."
 ~ PHILIP RUBINOV JACOBSON, Artist, author and educator, USA and UK

"My session with Matthew gave me the strength and courage to take action and see through the difficult actions in my life that I knew I needed to do"  ~ Beth Murray
"I was greatly moved by yesterday's evening session. It was magnificent, insightful, and uplifting."   ~ Tim Henry

"I recommend trying a Gong bath with Matthew at #VegasGongYogi. This is my second gong bath with Matthew this year and each time was very unique. Today my overactive, analytical left brain calmed down instantly and allowed me to connect with my artistic right brain. I would be a regular customer if I did not live on the east coast. Awesome experience and I have a smile in the inside as well as on the outside so I give it a two thumbs up!!"     ~ Michele C
"Find your way into the sanctuary. Lay your body down. Open to the vibrations, the shimmering sounds, the scintillating light within and around. Breathe deeply. Stay present. Feel all there is to feel, in all the bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Welcome the healing, the purification, the release and the ceasing of thought. Trust the guide; trust the journey. Be in the vibration. Rest easy in the landing. Express your gratitude.  Thank you, Matthew."   ~ Abigail McBride

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