Vegas Gong Yogi
Where are you located?
In North Las Vegas, near the Aliante Casino.  The major cross-streets are Aliante & 215.  It is around a 20 – 30 minute drive from Henderson, depending upon traffic.  Please call, text, email, or Facebook Message me and I can give you my exact address.  Phone:  702-606-7057.  You can also use the Contact Form to connect as well!
How much does a session cost?
The baseline price for a session is $50 for one person. 
Please see our "Services" section for a complete breakdown.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Any kind of card, PayPal, or cash.  Card payments are processed through Square.
How long is a typical session?
The typical session is usually around 75 – 90 minutes total, depending on how much talking we do.  We will talk for around 15 minutes before the session formally begins (introduction to the gongs, Q & A, verbal setting of expectations for the session), followed by approx. 40 minutes of actual gong time, followed by a few moments of silence and then an improvisational handpan melodic spirit song to welcome you back to “normal” 3D consciousness.  We will conclude with a gentle closing and a discussion / Q & A about your experiences.
What is the max number of people you can have at one time?
Our current physical space has this limit of 2 people, as we are now using the extremely comfortable zero gravity memory foam reclining chairs (La-Z-Boy),  and the chairs take more space.
Can I get a massage and / or Reiki while having a gong session?
Yes.  I know many Licensed Massage Therapists and we can schedule a session where you can get a massage at that same time while experiencing the gongs!  Reiki, and other forms of energy work are also available as there is a wonderful synergy between the modalities.  Truly an unforgettable and amazing experience!  A wonderful gift for yourself or loved ones!  Please contact at least a week in advance to setup your appointment(s).

I’ve heard about people having experiences with the gong sessions --- what kinds of things should I expect?
The experience is different for everyone, although there are often common shared experiences. 
It will be different every time you have a session, as each time you are a different person and will be in a different mental/emotional state. 
Intention also makes a big difference in your experience.  It has been said that Frequency is the current that intention travels on (Frequency + Intention = Healing).
Also as the facilitator / conduit; I myself will be in a different state and so my playing will be different each time, although I do try to be as balanced/grounded/neutral as I can possibly be.
It is never the same experience twice.
Many people have any one or more of the following: 

      waking dreams / visions
      lights / colors
      deep sense of peace
      emotional release (laughter, crying, waves of feelings)
      blessings of spiritual beings
      insights of all kinds (mundane and profound)
      realizing / feeling emotions that were not previously acknowledged
      energetic cleansing
      spinal adjustment
      chakra balancing / activation and associated symptoms (i.e. coughing or gagging for throat               chakra, or heat for hands)
      déjà vu
      sensations in different parts of the body
      honesty with one’s self
      deep rest
      expansion of gratitude

Can I bring food and / or drink?
You are encouraged to bring your own water or other beverages.  Water and/or tea will be offered.  We kindly ask that food be consumed before or after the session, and you are welcome to bring it and use our refrigerator.
What if I get too hot / cold?
We offer clean blankets/linens to cover up with.  There is also a ceiling fan that you can adjust (or have off completely).  Sometimes the gongs activate the parasympathetic nervious system and that can make you a bit cold.  If this happens don't worry, the response is normal.  After the session is over your temperature will return to normal.  To fully enjoy the gong experience to its fullest, every effort will be made to ensure you have maximum comfort.
Do you do private or special public events?  I'm planning something and I think it would be great for you be there!
Yes.  Please contact and we can discuss your ideas.  For public sessions, I typically bring 1 – 6 gongs depending on the physical space and other considerations.  The specific gongs can be chosen by you if you know which ones you’d like, or depending upon the theme we can select them together, or I can just choose.  I typically require a minimum of $75 for a public session (it’s a lot of work moving all the gear!) depending upon the specifics of the event.
I have a loved one in need of healing, but they can't come to Las Vegas in person; is it possible for you to record a custom session with the specific intention being just for them as if they were there?
Yes.  If you have a loved one in need of healing but they cannot come and experience the gongs in person, I would be happy to play a session with the intention of healing just for them.  I will record, mix, and send you a .mp3 file that can play on any device that plays .mp3 files (iPad, iPod, phones, etc).  If you send me the person’s name, and what their ailment is, I will custom create a session just for them even though they are not here physically.
I'd like to gift a loved one a memorable experience such as this, can that happen?
Yes.  I have physical gift certificates available, or you can just have your loved one contact me directly to schedule the appointment and we'll take care of the details!
How many gongs do you have?
As of this writing, I have 17 gongs.  I am constantly trying to improve my repertoire of sound instruments which requires a significant amount of research, and trial and error.  Given the constraints of physical space and budget, I am always trying to grow and learn, so I can offer the highest level of service / experience possible.
What are the exact gongs that you have?
Available upon request
Besides gongs, what other instruments do you use?
In addition to gongs I am currently utilizing a handpan, monochord, crystal harp, shruti box, thunder tubes, wind wand, German chimes, Sound Disks, conch shells, bells, and Tibetan bells to name a few...
I would like to buy my own gong; can you help me?
Yes.  I have a relationship with the premier gong distributor in North America, and also know some of the major gong makers in the world.  I can get you prices that are lower than the lowest MSRP / retail prices.  Contact me and we can work together and you can get you your perfect gong delivered to your home for less than any advertised price on the internet!
Do you ever sell your gongs?
On occasion, I get inspired to change things in the physical space or alter the configuration of gongs.  Naturally, this means that a gong may be available for sale or trade.  Ask and we can discuss.  If there is a particular gong that you like, I can most likely get a unique replica copy for you at a price below retail, depending on what you are looking for.
Gongs & Sound Healing is interesting to me...  Do you have any books you can recommend?
Yes.  I am happy to make recommendations for my clients.
Where did you get that gong stand?  Can I get one?  Can you help me build something like that?
The gong stand was custom created by me, using commercially available materials.  I am happy to share the details of the construction with my clients.  If you are looking to build a stand, or something similar, I am available for consultation and we can work out a mutually agreeable arrangement.

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