Vegas Gong Yogi
A resident of North Las Vegas, and northern Illinois native, Matthew Conners has been a professional in the world of health and cancer care (Radiation Therapy) for over 13 years. He has lost several friends and family members to cancer and so the healing arts have always intrigued him.  Matthew is a musician, intuitive, empath, karma and bhakti yogi; and as long as he can remember has had a deep connection with sound and music....
In the summer of 2014, while in the process of accepting and working out the passing of his father and unexpected layoff from his employer of 13 years;  his journey led him to discover the gong.  After a deep and profound meditation experience that was inspired by a gong session -- a new and vivid clarity of purpose emerged:  to share the healing, balancing, uplifting, calming, inspiring, deep, powerful, vehicle of transformation that is the gong.  
Since then, Matthew has been offering public gong & sound healing programs in the Las Vegas area.  He has created a Sacred Sound healing temple room in his home, and works together with his clients to manifest their intentions through the use of the powerful sound vibrations from an impressive collection of gongs and other instruments.
Matthew is a certified PMP / PMI Project Manager and currently works for a leading Radiation Oncology medical device vendor that is committed to fighting cancer. 
He believes that people are multi-facted and have tremendous capacity to grow and change, and that we have the ability to transcend the typical identification with our roles, professions, and possessions;  that there is so much more to us than we can possibly express...
Matthew has read several books, talked and studied with many people in the realms of sound healing, gong yoga, metaphysics, and related fields, and has applied all his life training as a musician and mindfulness in his gong practice.  It is a beautiful path of discovery and evermore subtlety...  There is a beautiful synergy with gong playing and his intuitive and empathic abilities, as is reflected in the palpable sensitivity to the needs of his participants.
In his early college years he worked as a botanist and learned how to care for living things, and how to nurture seeds (literally and metaphorically) over time, and how to practice patience, culminating with the satisfaction in reaping the fruits of labor.
He received his BA in Interdisciplinary Arts in 1996 from Columbia College in Chicago IL. Afterwards, he studied Psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology while enrolled in Master's Program with a focus on Art and Group Therapy.  

In 1999 Matthew started working in Information Technology as a Consultant with the likes of Arthur Andersen, IBM, and Advocate Health Care.  
Matthew has heeded the call, and has chosen to work more directly with those in need of healing and the world in general by offering his service in a variety of ways ---  from playing soothing and resolved music for those in Hospice care, in cancer treatment waiting rooms, private sessions and rituals, for local satsang & kirtans, to creating custom recorded sessions for those in need but not physically able to experience the gongs in person.
He relishes and explores the range of opportunities to share his gifts, and frequently collaborates with other healers and musicians.
The quest is ultimately about promoting harmony and minimizing suffering of all kinds.

Below is an interview from the series, "The Path" by Alex Colonna:

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